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'Planning for Green Infrastructure' brochure launched

The GCV Green Network Partnership, together with the CSGN Trust, have today launched the Planning for Green Infrastructure brochure, providing a guide to exemplar Green Infrastructure (GI) planning policies.

The planning system has an important role to play in safeguarding existing Green Infrastructure and securing delivery of connected, accessible and well designed new GI, this brochure highlights the key policies to help achieve this.

Launching the brochure, Max Hislop, Manager of the GCV Green Network Partnership said ‘Green Infrastructure is integral to successful placemaking and must be designed in to development proposals from the outset. Our guide is based on the Partnership’s analysis of Local Development Plan GI policies across Central Scotland and we hope the brochure will help to improve the drafting of policies for future Plans’.

Deryck Irving, acting Chief Executive of CSGN Trust added ‘Integrated and managed GI is critical to the delivery of successful places. The GI policies on Water Management, Habitat Enhancements, Access Networks and Open Space provide clarity to planning applicants about the multiple functions that well designed GI should provide.’


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Green Network to connect people and nature across Glasgow City Region

A groundbreaking new project, launched today in Glasgow, aims to turn Glasgow City Region ‘green’ with 500 miles of walking and cycling routes and plans for hundreds of new living spaces for wildlife, providing a tangible response to biodiversity loss and climate change.

The Glasgow and Clyde Valley (GCV) Green Network Partnership’s Blueprint project will help make the region a more attractive place to live, work, invest and play through creation of both a habitat network for wildlife and an access network for people through greenspaces.

It will link up existing wildlife habitats creating new pathways to allow species more freedom of movement, and encouraging an increase in biodiversity across the area helping to address and reverse the damage done to the natural habitats of wildlife by decades of urban development, strengthen them in the face of a changing climate, and provide new opportunities for people to connect with nature.

This issue has never been more urgent, as highlighted in the latest UN global assessment report where over 1 million species on the planet are at risk of extinction and for the first time, the issue of biodiversity loss is on the G8 agenda.


The Blueprint will improve walking and cycling routes across the Glasgow City Region.

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Review offers springboard for improving Green Infrastructure across the CSGN

The Glasgow & Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership has today published its much anticipated Report into the quality of Green Infrastructure (GI) policies across the Central Scotland Green Network region.

The Report is welcomed as a baseline from which discussions on how comprehensive and robust GI policy can be achieved by those who have an interest in seeing good, well maintained multi-functional GI integrated into new housing developments across Central Scotland.

Polnoon, long heralded as a great example of Green Infrastructure in built development.

Launching the Report, Max Hislop, Programme Manager for the GCV Green Network Partnership, said “The Green Infrastructure policy review is a crucial step in understanding the current policy environment, what's working well and what lessons can be learned.  It provides opportunities for strengthening planning policy and making Green Infrastructure benefits more widely implemented through development".

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City Region Green Network Strategy launched

A new Strategy has been launched this week to focus in on plans to create a Glasgow City Region wide ‘Green Network’ by 2050.

The Glasgow & Clyde Valley Green Network will bring a multitude of benefits to the region, creating healthier lifestyles, enhancing biodiversity and helping the region adapt to climate challenges.

The Strategy, entitled, ‘A Green Network Strategy for the Glasgow City Region’, has been developed to drive forward ambitious plans drawn up by the Glasgow & Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership.

GN Strategy launch

Stuart Tait, Chair of the Partnership, presents the Strategy to Councillor Lawrence O'Neill, Convenor, Clydeplan Joint Committee earlier this week

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Reflecting on 10 years of Green Networks


More than 10 years ago the Green Network concept was conceived in our region by some visionary strategic planners who were considering the essential components of an economically successful Glasgow City Region. They recognised that a key component of that success was a high quality environment in the form of connected multi-functional greenspace - a ‘Green Network’.

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