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Regional Green Network

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Glasgow City Region local authorities have more than 70 years’ of experience working together to produce a collective vision and strategy for the region. The role of a high quality and multi-functional Green Network as a key pillar of a successful and vibrant city region was first proposed in the 2000 GCV Structure Plan, and expanded upon in 2006 and in later plans.

The GCV Green Network was created in 2007 to drive forward the planning and co-ordinated delivery of this vision and we’ve been at the forefront of Green Network thinking and development ever since.

Regional Spatial Strategy

The next version of this collective regional vision will be the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS). Although not part of the statutory development plan it will have an important role to play in informing future National Planning Frameworks and GCR Local Development Plans. GCVGN and Clydeplan will work closely with partners on strategic and cross-boundary considerations for the RSS. Many of these such as Nature Networks, Biodiversity Enhancement, Local Living, woodland expansion and peatland restoration are core elements of the Green Network.

RSSs will allow planning authorities to develop a tailored approach to strategic planning for their area that best reflects their local and regional circumstances which identify: the need for strategic development; the outcomes to which strategic development will contribute; priorities for the delivery of strategic development; and proposed locations, shown in the form of a map or diagram

-Scottish Government Draft Planning Guidance

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Central Scotland Green Network

The Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) first appeared as a “National Development” in the 2nd National Planning Framework and is one of Europe’s largest and most ambitious green infrastructure projects. It’s a 40 year plan covering an area of 10,000 square kilometres, including 19 of Scotland’s 32 local authorities, 87% of the country’s most deprived areas and home to 65% of the Scottish population. The early work of the GCVGN paved the way for the CSGN and provided a rational and template for its creation. GCVGN continue to be the regional lead in its delivery and work closely with the Green Action Trust, the organisation charged with CSGN delivery.

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