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The City Region has led the way in developing and driving forward the Green Network concept. By working together and acting strategically over the coming years there is a tremendous opportunity to realise an array of Green Network benefits helping to make the Glasgow City Region a better environment for all those who live, work or visit here.

Many organisations and individuals from within the region and beyond will have an important role to ensure the ambition and scale of delivery for the GCV Green Network is realised.

These organisations include:

GCV Green Network Partnership

Specifically formed to champion and facilitate delivery of the region’s Green Network, it will continue to perform this role into the future.

Other regional partnerships

Clydeplan, Metropolitan Glasgoe Strategic Delivery Partnership (MGSDP) and Climate Ready Clyde are important complementary partnerships which have a vested interest in furthering the delivery of the Green Network to achieve their organisational aims.

Glasgow City Region

The recently formed governance structures that support the objectives of the GCR will have an important role to ensure the Green Network delivers a more attractive region to investors and visitors, and better opportunities for those who live and work in the region.

Local authorities

The region’s eight councils, particularly their planning, land services and regeneration departments, will have an important role to ensure that Green Network assets in public ownership or within development proposals deliver best value in the form of public goods and services.

Government agencies

The Scottish Government’s land and environment agencies (i.e. Forestry Commission Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Transport Scotland) will have an important role to ensure that policies and funding mechanisms continue to support the delivery (and the capacity to deliver) the GCV Green Network as a regional component of a National Development, the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN). The National Forest Estate, managed by Forest Enterprise Scotland, is an important potential delivery mechanism for the Green Network.

Health and education services

Health Boards, universities and other further education establishments manage substantial landholdings within the region. Their plans and strategies should consider the potential to deliver their public service objectives through delivery of the Green Network.

Infrastructure providers

The telecoms, rail, water, health, energy, and other infrastructure and service providers manage substantial landholdings within the region. Their plans and strategies should consider the potential to deliver wider public benefits through Green Network delivery where this complements their organisational objectives.

Housing developers

The region aims to substantially increase the rate of residential development delivered over the coming decades. Housing developers will need to ensure that their proposals are design led and deliver the Green Network as part of a placemaking approach to development.

By working in partnership, East Renfrewshire Council were able to bring together different developers with disparate housing proposals to help create a vision for a better connected new housing area linked by Integrated Green Infrastructure.

Karen Anderson, Consulting Partner, Anderson Bell Christie