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Through an enhanced environment the Glasgow & Clyde Valley (GCV) Green Network will transform the lives of 1.8 million people, making the Glasgow City Region a much more vibrant, resilient and successful place.

It will provide well-connected, high quality, multi-use greenspaces throughout the region, from cycle paths to allotments, wildlife habitats to rain gardens. The Green Network will provide easy and well-linked access to the outdoors for people of all ages.

  • Our vision is of a transformed environment, one that improves lives and communities and lets business flourish.

    Through the Green Network, we aim to make the Glasgow City Region one of the most attractive places in Europe in which to live, work and play.

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    In line with the Scottish Government’s vision for Scotland, the GCV Green Network has the potential to provide a wide range of meaningful and valuable benefits for this area, its environment and the people living and working here.

    • A successful, sustainable place
      • Vibrant places that will attract and retain business investment
      • Attractive places where people want to live and work
      • Increased opportunities for formal and informal education activities
      • More active, healthier workforce
    • A natural, resilient place
      • Enhanced natural environments delivering secure resource availability for industry;
      • A protected natural environment that supports our precious wildlife
      • Reduced damage from extreme weather events
      • Improved air and water quality, helping to reduce costs and improve health
    • A connected place
      • Well-designed places where communities can thrive and crime is reduced
      • Attractive places providing opportunities for exercise, and promoting mental wellbeing
    • A low carbon place
      • Attractive off-road routes encouraging a switch to active travel
      • Locking up carbon emissions in restored peatland and new woodland

    Read more about the Scottish Government's National Planning Framework action programme.

  • Delivering the GCV Green Network will be a significant but achievable task and will create a big impact.

    The GCV Green Network will provide well connected, high quality, multi-functional greenspaces throughout the region. From cycle paths to allotments, wildlife habitats to urban rain gardens the Green Network will creating new opportunities for people to actively explore our region’s wonderful assets as part of their everyday lives.


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    A regional Green Network Strategy has been developed which aims to guide strategic delivery of the GCV Green Network.

    It draws upon the Partnership’s significant strategic planning analyses to describe: the vision and benefits of the GCV Green Network; where and how it will be delivered; and, the ‘major players and the costs of delivery.

    View the document

  • Our Partnership has been a champion of the Green Network Vision for more than a decade. We’ve mainstreamed the way in which the Green Network is considered and raised ambitions for its delivery through strategic planning.

    Our film Showcasing the Green Network highlights some of our ground-breaking projects.

  • CSGN And GCV

    GCV Green Network is part of a wider Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) one of 14 National Developments in the Scottish Government’s National Planning Framework.

    By 2050, the CSGN aims to change the face of Central Scotland through a programme of strategic greenspace enhancements that will benefit the lives and prosperity of our people.

    In the Glasgow & Clyde Valley region (which represents one third of the CSGN area and 50% of its population) we have a significant opportunity to make the Glasgow City region one that is vibrant, resilient and hugely successful, right in the heart of central Scotland.


I have no doubt that the GCV Green Network will continue to thrive in coming years. This is essential if we are to deliver real change in the quality of people’s lives, especially those most disadvantaged in our communities.

Vincent Goodstadt, Green Network Visionary and former GCV Structure Plan Manager