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Delivering the GCV Green Network over the next 35 years will require an estimated £1.1billion - equivalent to approximately £31million per year.

A significant investment yes, but annually it equates to the cost of creating just one mile of motorway – so a comparatively small amount given the significant benefits it will yield for all of us, now and in the future.



Delivery of the GCV Green Network will be through six key components:

Landscape Features

New & Improved Greenspace
Parks, gardens, woodlands and meadows

Urban Green Infrastructure
Street trees, green roofs, rain gardens and ponds

Greening Vacant & Derelict Land
Transformed spaces and places for wildlife

Community Growing Spaces
Allotment sites, orchards and community gardens

Wildlife Habitats
More and better-connected places for nature

Active Travel Routes
More opportunities to walk and cycle away from busy roads


The GCV Green Network is a vital component of the CSGN, covering a third of the CSGN area and home to 50% of its population. In order to make the CSGN happen, programmes like the GCV Green Network need to succeed.

Bridget Campbell, Chair of the CSGN Programme Committee & Director of Environment & Forestry, Scottish Government