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Green Network Thinking:
an introduction

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This short video introduces the benefits Green Network's can bring to large scale regeneration projects and new development sites offering a clear vision of the future.

Role of the Partnership


making the case for the Green Network


helping develop local expressions of the Vision


developing tools and guidance


providing understanding and solutions


Green Infrastructure Masterplanning

By putting Green Infrastructure at the heart of the Masterplan the Green Network becomes integral to the development - not an afterthought:

  • Natural Landscape – with retention of many existing green features; woodland, hedges, burns and streams
  • Quality Living - mixed housing set in a high quality walkable environment
  • A Bold Vision – bringing health and lifestyle benefits to potential residents, and development process and sales benefits to developers
  • Sustainable – with provision of naturalised suds maintaining flood waters and providing natural habitats

GCV Green Network Thinking

The development of Green Network Thinking from concept to delivery

Take a look at the key moments and vital pieces of work which have shaped the growth and development of the Green Network as a concept and is leading toward delivery of the Green Network Vision

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What is Green Network Thinking?

The Partnership has been at the forefront of Green Network Thinking for more than 10 years. From early development of the concept to integrating it into the planning system and promoting it across disciplines. Today the Green Network is built into many national, regional and local policies & strategies and below shows an example of some of the Partnership's work over the years.

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    GN Milestones

    Seeing the Bigger Picture Campaign - 2008
    The Partnership's Vision launched as the 'Seeing the Bigger Picture' Campaign introduces the Green Network concept to audiences across the region and beyond. Watch the Seeing the Bigger Picture Video here.

    Better Places Design & Delivery Campaign - 2012
    Campaign aimed at industry professionals challenging them to use GN tools and guidance to help them create Better Places. View the Brochure here.

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    Planning Documents

    Structure Plan 2000
    The concept of a Green Network is included in the Glasgow & the Clyde Valley Structure Plan for the first time, and introduces the term to a wider audience.

    National Planning Framework 3 (NPF3)
    The Central Scotland Green Network is retained as a National Development in NPF3 with particular focus on Active Travel, Vacant and Derelict Land and Disadvantaged Communities

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    GN Guidance

    Integrated Habitat Network (IHN)
    This GIS tool was developed in the GCV region by the Partnership and has since been rolled out across Scotland.

    Greenspace Quality
    This guidance has been used across Scotland and beyond and has had an influential role in improving strategic planning for greenspace investment.

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    GN Strategies

    Clyde Gateway
    The Strategy identified opportunities for creation of the Green Network through the Clyde Gateway area, and continues to influence the regeneration programme of the Clyde Gateway URC.

    Gartloch Gartcosh
    The Strategy identified opportunities for creation of the Green Network through and to compliment large scale development in this 'corridor of growth'. It first proposed the creation of a large wetland park which has been realised in the Seven Lochs Wetland Park.

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Prioritisation of Green Network development based on robust and defensible evidence - click for more.

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Learn about Integrated Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure provides naturalised water management, useable open space, active travel routes and habitats for wildlife.

See the Bigger Picture

See the Bigger Picture

View our 'Seeing the Bigger Picture' Video and learn more about our wider ambitous plans.