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The Glasgow and Clyde Valley Strategic Development Plan (Clydeplan) sets the regional planning context for a range of planning considerations such as housing need, strategic business and industry locations, and how the Green Network contributes to a successful City Region.

In order to identify strategically important areas for Green Network delivery for inclusion in Clydeplan, the Partnership undertook analysis which identified sixteen locations across the City Region. These are known as Green Network Strategic Delivery Areas (SDAs).

The identification of the SDAs has guided where the effort and resources of the Partnership are targeted.


Strategic Delivery Areas (SDAs) are locations where a correlation exists between strategic Green Network priorities and opportunities for delivery. Where this correlation is identified the opportunity exists to deliver a range of Green Network related benefits. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is used to carry out the analysis.

In the first instance, 4 Green Network related datasets were analysed to identify priority locations where:

  • Communities have poor access to greenspace
  • Communities have poor outcomes for heart disease, stroke and mental ill-health
  • Communities are impacted by the effects of flooding, air quality and overheating
  • Habitat creation would have the greatest positive impact on habitat connectivity

The outputs from the first stage were then analysed together with 3 land-use based datasets representing opportunities for Green Network delivery.  These were:

  • Planned new development
  • Vacant and derelict land
  • Underperforming greenspace

Sixteen locations were identified where there was significant correlation between the datasets.  These are the Clydeplan Green Network SDAs and delivery in these areas forms a significant component of the Partnership’s work.

More detail on the approach and methodology can be found here: pdf Clydeplan Green Network Background Report (6.52 MB) .

Clydeplan can be viewed here: Clydeplan.


Work to date

Of the sixteen SDAs some, such as Clyde Gateway and Gartcosh/Gartcosh, are being delivered through existing mechanisms (Clyde Gateway Urban Regeneration Company and Seven Lochs Partnership respectively), and in a way the Partnership is supportive of.  In others the opportunity doesn’t yet exist for the Partnership’s involvement, for example a development which isn’t ready to be masterplanned.  

Of the remaining SDAs the Partnership is currently working on 3: Gourock/Greenock, Clydebank and Yoker.

To understand more fully what opportunities and issues are associated with these SDAs the Partnership commissioned a Spatial Strategy for each which can be found above.

The Partnership is working closely with The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) in the 3 SDAs as they deliver a programme of Community Rewilding which is complimentary to Green Network delivery https://www.communityrewilding.org.uk