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gn blueprint access habitatThe Blueprint is a framework for the creation of a strategic Green Network for the benefit of people and wildlife in Glasgow City Region.

It incorporates the fundamental functions of a Green Network:

  • a Strategic Access Network – facilitating the off-road movement of people around and between communities through Green Active Travel routes and greenspace
  • a Strategic Habitat Network – facilitating the movement of wildlife through the landscape

The Blueprint identifies for both Networks:

  • existing Green Network assets that should be protected and managed
  • where there are gaps in the networks
  • opportunities to address those gaps


The Blueprint will help to target resources and effort effectively, creating and enhancing the right Green Network component in the right place for most benefit.

blueprint maps aligned

The Blueprint will contribute to sustainable inclusive economic growth and increase wellbeing by helping to deliver:

  • a successful, sustainable place where people want to work and live healthy lives
  • a natural, resilient place that improves and protects the environment
  • a connected place providing opportunities for exercise and improvements to mental wellbeing
  • a place that encourages active travel contributing to a low carbon economy

To support local authority partners in delivering the Blueprint, the Partnership is producing for each council a detailed assessment of the access and habitat networks that sets out a realistic suite of short, medium and long-term opportunities.

The assessment also proposes next steps required to progress an opportunity and potential delivery mechanisms.


Access Network

The Strategic Access Network is comprised of more than 200 routes over 500 miles, but not all of these routes are within the Green Network.

Currently 60% of the routes are within the Green Network.

The Blueprint identifies opportunities to address the on-road sections of the network.

accessnetwork stat







Habitat Network

Over 40% of our region is comprised of wildlife habitat, but these habitats are not well connected.

The Blueprint identifies nearly 800 targeted opportunities to connect Habitat Networks

habitatnetwork stat


How will it be delivered

A variety of mechanisms will need to be employed to deliver the Blueprint. The major mechanisms can be categorised as:

  • Planned Developmentdelivery mechanism graphic
  • Public Sector Programmes
  • Infrastructure Investments
  • Funding Opportunities

View the GN Blueprint brochure >>