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More than 10 years ago the Green Network concept was conceived in our region by some visionary strategic planners who were considering the essential components of an economically successful Glasgow City Region. They recognised that a key component of that success was a high quality environment in the form of connected multi-functional greenspace - a ‘Green Network’.

Facilitating Delivery

Since the Partnership’s formation in 2007, we have been at the vanguard of Green Network thinking, leading with the development of guidance (e.g. Greenspace Quality Guidance), analytical tools (e.g. a greenspace map and the Integrated Habitat Network model) and greenspace initiatives (e.g. Branching Out). We have also been instrumental in facilitating the development of major green network delivery projects (e.g. Cuningar Loop Woodland Park & the Seven Lochs Wetland Park). In addition we have developed understanding about the role of green infrastructure in development (e.g. Maidenhill Development Framework) and the important contribution of urban green infrastructure to the delivery of the Central Scotland Green Network (‘Costing’ and ‘Resourcing the CSGN’ studies).

Transformational Change

So, our Partnership has achieved a lot in our City Region in the last decade and influenced the development of Green Network initiatives across urban Scotland. There is huge potential for the Partnership’s accumulated expertise to facilitate transformational change through Green Network delivery across our region. We are developing significant projects in our Strategic Delivery Areas (Yoker, Clydebank and Inverclyde) and identifying potential projects to deliver strategic Green Network connections spanning the region. Significant opportunities exist to realise important benefits for our region (Active health lifestyles, Climate resilience and secured Ecosystem services) through Green Network delivery on vacant & derelict land, underperforming greenspace and the integration of green infrastructure in built development.

We intend to continue to champion the Green Network Vision conceived by those planners over a decade ago and to work hard to see it delivered over the next decade and beyond.

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