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A new Project Officer, Kit England, has been appointed to the Climate Ready Clyde (CRC) project, a city-region wide initiative promoting a strategic approach to climate change adaptation.

In his new role Kit is charged with forming Climate Ready Clyde which will aim to support and co-ordinate partners to develop and deliver a Climate Change Adaptation strategy, to manage climate risk across the region.

Max Hislop, Programme Manager of the Glasgow & Clyde Valley (GCV) Green Network Partnership, said “The GCV city region has a long history of partnership working for economic competitiveness. The Vision for Climate Ready Clyde makes clear the importance of partnership working as we assess the opportunities and threats to our region’s economy  from a changing climate”

“I anticipate that Climate Ready Clyde will recognise the opportunities that nature-based solutions can provide as an  adaptive response to climate change. Green Networks and Green Infrastructure are uniquely suited to providing effective and efficient climate adaption”

Ruth Wolstenholme, Managing Director at Sniffer* added “We are delighted to welcome Kit to this role. He brings a wealth of experience to the task and can ensure that Climate Ready Clyde is established and adopted as successfully as similar ones have been elsewhere in the UK and across Europe.”

Kit commented, "I'm delighted to be establishing Climate Ready Clyde in Glasgow and the Clyde Valley.  Preparing for climate change offers real opportunities to enhance the region and improve the quality of life for residents. I'm looking forward to working with organisations across the area to build resilience, making it an even greater place to live, work and invest. "

The project will produce a Glasgow & Clyde Valley Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan, building a strategic approach to climate resilience. Development of this approach will involve cutting across a  number of sectors including for example, transport, forestry, housing and health.

A key objective will be raising the profile of climate change adaptation regionally as part of the global fight against climate change championed by the Paris Agreement last year.

Further information on the initiative can be found here >>

*Kit England will be employed by Sniffer and the post is funded by Scottish Government.  Sniffer manage the Adaptation Scotland programme on behalf of the Scottish Government