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green networkThe Partnership's ambition is that the Green Network is easily accessible to everyone who lives and works in the Glasgow City Region (GCR). This will mean that any part of the urban region will be no more than a 5 minute walk to quality greenspace, connected to the wider Green Network. However, delivery at that scale will take time and a concerted and co-ordinated effort. A variety of mechanisms will need to be employed to deliver the region’s Green Network.

In order to gain most value from the mechanisms below it will be essential that the GCR continues to work on and sustain a shared vision of the Green Network. Partnership working will be essential to ensure that the different mechanisms deliver the component parts of the Green Network as envisaged and that economies of scale and alignment of project objectives are achieved wherever possible.

These major mechanisms are likely to be:

Planned development

Securing delivery of the Green Network as an integral part of planning proposals is likely to be an increasingly important delivery mechanism. Comprehensive and robust planning policy for both the Green Network and green infrastructure will be required and this should be consistent across the region.

Public sector activities

Public sector organisations are major deliverers and managers of Green Network assets but they are under tremendous financial pressure and budgets for Green Network related investments are being reduced. Nevertheless, their delivery potential remains and needs to be secured. This will ensure delivery of the array of public service benefits which flow from well-maintained, publicly-owned, multi-functional Green Network assets.

Infrastructure improvements

There will be significant investment in the region’s infrastructure over the coming decades (e.g. GCR City Deal projects) which provide a unique opportunity to ensure that green infrastructure is designed as a component part of these investments. Integration of the Green Network into new infrastructure projects will not only deliver economic value, it will deliver additional environmental and social benefits.

Major projects

There will be opportunities for the region to bid for funding for the delivery of major Green Network projects in the coming years (e.g. Landscape Partnership funding through the Heritage Lottery Fund). It is essential that regional organisations continue to identify potential major projects and work together to prepare proposals as and when opportunities arise.

The Partnership's input to the development of an integrated Green Network in the Clyde Gateway has been inspirational.

Martin McKay, Executive Director of Regeneration, Clyde Gateway URC