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The Green Network Opportunities Mapping analysis undertaken by the Partnership for GCV local authorities identified geographical locations, or "Strategic Delivery Areas (SDA)", where the opportunity exists to deliver multiple Green Network benefits.
use4The outputs were generated primarily to inform Local Development Plans and were therefore high level and strategic in nature. However, underpinning each of the "Strategic Delivery Areas (SDA)" is a wealth of data which can be interrogated at a much finer resolution to understand more fully what the specific opportunities associated within an area and how they might be delivered.

The Partnership is, with support from the Central Scotland Green Network Trust, applying this approach to the Strategic Delivery Areas idenfied through the analysis for SDP2.  The purpose of the work is to identify in much more detail what the specific opportunities associated with the SDAs are and how they might be delivered on the ground.

The development of Delivery Plans for the SDAs will clearly demonstrate the progression from policy to strategic analysis and through to action on the ground. 

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About our Partners

The GCV Green Network Partnership was formed in June 2007, and brings together the region’s eight local authorities as well as Forestry Commission Scotland, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Glasgow Centre for Population Health. Each partner is represented at senior level on the Partnership Board.

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