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Integrating Green Infastructure

Integrating Green Infastructure

Over the coming decades the GCV region will see significant urban expansion and regeneration. The development of new communities represents a major opportunity for the integration of Green Infrastructure at an early stage.

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The Partnership strongly advocates that Green Infrastructure should be viewed as crucial infrastructure just as important as 'grey infrastructure' like roads and hard engineered drainage.

Green Infrastructure provides naturalised water management, useable open space, active travel routes and habitats for wildlife.

The Integrating Green Infrastructure (IGI) approach seeks to make the case to planners and developers to consider Green Infrastructure from the outset of the design process.


The IGI approach

The Partnership’s approach offers Green Infrastructure as one of five crucial infrastructures integral to the delivery of a successful, healthy and vibrant place. The five crucial infrastructures are:

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•    transport
•    energy
•    water
•    waste

What is Green Infrastructure? “Those design elements within developments that contribute to the delivery of the Green Network, brought together in a placemaking masterplan."

What makes up the ‘green infrastructure’ element? “There are four components that must be brought together in a placemaking masterplan: naturalised surface water management; access networks; habitat networks; useable open space.

Together these four components are the Green Infrastructure elements which must be part of the development design process.

Why 'Integrated' Green Infrastructure? Some of our partners say it best:

delivering better places in

"Quality places work well because the necessary physical and social infrastructure is planned and provided as an integral part of the overall development programme"

Delivering Better Places in Scotland (Scottish Government, 2010)

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"the design of external spaces is as important a masterplan consideration as the design of the buildings... Unfortunately, in some proposals it was evident that the landscape had been dealt with as an afterthought, and that open spaces were residual – the parts left over once road and plot layouts had been determined."

'Masterplans: a design review' (Architecture and Design Scotland)

What are the major benefits of IGI? Green Infrastructure can provide some of the needs of transport infrastructure (access networks) and water infrastructure (surface water management).  As Green Infrastructure, currently does not have the same status as ‘grey infrastructure’  the Partnership seek the application of analytical tools to help integrate Green Infrastrucure into design at masterplan stage.

The process of designing a successful placemaking masterplan should allow for discussion between water and roads engineers and the designers of the GI to capitalise on these synergies.


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About our Partners

The GCV Green Network Partnership was formed in June 2007, and brings together the region’s eight local authorities as well as Forestry Commission Scotland, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Glasgow Centre for Population Health. Each partner is represented at senior level on the Partnership Board.

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