Climate Change Adaptation

Planning for Adaptation

Planning for Adaptation

A regional Adaptation Strategy is in development to ensure that any adaptation measures that can effectively deal with likely climate change impacts are delivered in a co-ordinated and planned way.

CCA planning

The Partnership is working with the Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership, the Glasgow & Clyde Valley Strategic Development Planning Authority and Adaptation Scotland to draft this document.

From a Green Network perspective a regional Adaptation Strategy will include:

  •     the role of the Green Network in providing climate change resilience

  •     identification of where the Green Network can provide required adaptation

  •     an action plan for Green Network delivery

For the Strategy to deliver the required adaptive capacity any intervention must be of the right design and in the right place.

To understand what form and scale Green Network interventions should take and where they should be, the Partnership is working on three studies to provide the information necessary to inform those decisions.

These are:

Study 1: Woodland Creation and Land Use Change at a Catchment Scale.

The study uses a range of land use, hydrological and ecological datasets, analysed in GIS, to identify areas in upper river catchments and floodplains where woodland creation, or other land use changes such as peat bog restoration, would intercept rainfall and slow overland flows to reduce downstream peaks flows.

The work is being carried out on behalf of the Partnership by Forest Research and is funded by the Central Scotland Green Network Development Fund. The Report will be available here in April.

Study 2: The Effect of Overheating in Urban Areas

The study uses land cover and historical temperature data to model temperature rises in selected urban areas in 2050. The parameters of the modelling are then varied to assess the impact of increased green land cover on temperatures. Early indications are that increased green land cover in the range of 20% above the current level would be enough to offset the likely surface temperature rises due to climate change.

The work is being carried out on behalf of the Partnership by Glasgow Caledonian University and is funded by the Partnership, the Central Scotland Green Network and the GCV Strategic Development Planning Authority. The Report will be available here in April.

Study 3: Climate Change Hazard and Vulnerability Mapping

The study will use GIS to create a tool which analyses data on climate change hazards and vulnerabilities to identify areas across the GCV where the Green Network may have a role in providing adaptive capacity. In the GCV the predominant hazards are flooding and overheating. Vulnerabilities can be divided into two categories:
a)    vulnerable communities e.g. the very young, the elderly, those with existing health conditions etc

b)    vulnerable infrastructures e.g. roads, hospitals, schools etc.

The analysis will identify locations where there is a correlation between hazards, vulnerabilities and Green Network resources.  Recommendations will then be made on what Green Network interventions may be appropriate to provide adaptive capacity.

The work is being carried out on behalf of the Partnership by Exponent GIS and is funded by the Partnership and Glasgow City Council. The Report will be available in April.

On completion of the three studies the findings will be collated and presented to the project Steering Group and Adaptation Scotland. Further work will then be necessary to translate the findings into an Adaptation Strategy.


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The GCV Green Network Partnership was formed in June 2007, and brings together the region’s eight local authorities as well as Forestry Commission Scotland, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Glasgow Centre for Population Health. Each partner is represented at senior level on the Partnership Board.

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