An exemplar of Green Infrastructure development

Role of the Partnership



  • Raising expectations for delivery of the Bigger Picture


  • Embedding the IGI approach bringing about multiple benefits


  • Taking a holistic approach
  • Understanding the wider context


  • Bringing technical knowledge of Integrated Green Infrastructure

Maidenhill - A Case Study

What makes Maidenhill different?

East Renfrewshire Council has led the way in adopting the Partnership's Integrated Green Infrastructure (IGI) approach to create a cutting edge, innovative urban masterplan.

Watch our video case study to understand why we expect this site to be an exemplar of Green Infrastructure development.

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Green Infrastructure Masterplanning

By putting Green Infrastructure at the heart of the Masterplan the Green Network becomes integral to the development - not an afterthought:

  • Natural Landscape – with retention of many existing green features; woodland, hedges, burns and streams
  • Quality Living  - mixed housing set in a high quality walkable environment
  • A Bold Vision – bringing health and lifestyle benefits to potential residents, and development process and sales benefits to developers
  • Sustainable – with provision of naturalised suds maintaining flood waters and providing natural habitats

What Will Maidenhill Look Like?


The Vision 

"The creation of a new urban quarter within East Renfrewshire providing a high quality built environment that maintains and builds upon the area’s existing qualities. It will be a socially inclusive community providing a range of house tenures, types and sizes to meet local needs. It will provide an attractive and distinctive landscape setting that will enhance the green network. It will ensure sustainability is a core component of all aspects of the design and all steps will be taken to create a well planned and desirable ‘place to grow’"

(Extract: SPG Maidenhill Masterplan)

A Green Spine

Maidenhill will benefit from a well connected Green Network. The central ‘green spine’ of this network will connect communities within and beyond Maidenhill to community, school and religious facilities accessible via pleasant walkable routes.

The Masterplan

As well as a central green spine and protected water courses the masterplan identifies three key sustainable urban drainage (SUDs) ponds to control water flows and prevent downstream flooding, the added benefit of this naturalised approach is the creation of a pleasant environment for both people and wildlife.

Enhanced Landscape Features

Green Infrastructure will protect and integrate existing landscape features such as mature trees, woodland, hedgerows, rock outcrops and watercourses into the development.

The existing landscape features will be enhanced through the creation of new woodland areas, grass and wildflower meadows, and wetland areas (SUDs) integrated with new walking and cycling routes as well as new informal and formal play spaces.

A great place to live, walk & cycle

Main routes within the development will have dedicated footpaths connecting all houses to bus stops, facilities and other amenity and cycle paths. Streets and housing courts may have shared surfaces. Cycle and footpaths will be provided to ensure connectivity and encourage walking and cycling.


Anne McAleer

Senior Planner, East Renfrewshire Council

Anne discusses how East Renfrewshire Council has used the Partnership’s Integrating Green Infrastructure (IGI) approach to deliver an aspirational masterplan at Maidenhill.  She highlights how partnership working has been vital with multiple site owners and other interested parties coming together to embrace the GCV Green Network Partnership’s IGI approach.

Karen Anderson

Consulting Partner, Anderson Bell Christie

Karen explains how the project is an exemplar putting Green Infrastructure at its heart. Green Infrastructure has been considered at the outset on the project to bring about multiple benefits creating a truly sustainable modern day development. 

Alastair Corbett

Development Officer, GCV Green Network Partnership

Alastair tells us how important it was to have the Partnership invited along at an early stage bring vital knowledge and expertise to the table. He also discusses how the Partnership are available to assist developers in the delivery of Green Infrastructure planning.

Find Out More

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Learn about the Maidenhill Masterplan

Click to open the full Masterplan document on East Renfrewshire Council's website.

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Download the Case Study Leaflet

Link to the Maidenhill Case Study Leaflet for further information.

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See the Bigger Picture

View our 'Seeing the Bigger Picture' Video and learn more about our wider ambitous plans.

About our Partners

The GCV Green Network Partnership was formed in June 2007, and brings together the region’s eight local authorities as well as Forestry Commission Scotland, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Glasgow Centre for Population Health. Each partner is represented at senior level on the Partnership Board.

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